5 things that your customers want on a website in 2022

When it comes to your website, there is only one real test to see of whether it is any good – and that is whether your users like it. Lots of website owners invest thousands of pounds in a new website with cutting-edge features and a specific design; however, if this does not appeal to your target audience, it will be a big waste of money.

If you want to make sure that your customers love using your website, here are five factors to take into consideration.

What makes your business unique?

The main thing you should establish on your website is what makes you stand out. In the past, people had to choose companies based on which was closest to their town; however, the internet has made it much easier for people to use any business they like. This means you will be in competition with lots of other similar businesses, so you need to make it clear that you are better.

Clear information about what you offer

Lots of businesses have websites that are quite vague, which means customers can easily become unsure about what the company offers. It is important to be specific; for instance, if you run a cupcake company, you should specify this rather than simply saying you run a baking company. This means users are less likely to be disappointed by what you offer, as you are being clear and specific.

Validation from other sources

If you are a small business, one of the best things you can do is add reviews and customer testimonials to your website. This makes your company seem more professional and legitimate, so customers are more likely to make a purchase. If you are looking for a web development platform to help you with your website, it is also a good idea to check out reviews on Deals Entrepreneur for Divi WordPress Theme & Page Builder. Google ‘professional web development company in London’ and you will be presented with plenty of options.

A secure socket layer (SSL)

An SSL is a secure encryption system that protects the privacy of people who enter details – such as bank details or their email address – on your website. This is very important for e-commerce sites!

Contact information

You should also include relevant contact information on your website, including a physical location, a phone number, and an email address.


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    People use website builders like Elementor, DIVI, GeneraPress, etc to build a website. I am hoping some updates on this topic too.

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